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LUMEN 3D is a business that I co-founded with a fellow student from university. The business specialises in 3D modelling, visualisations and animations. The goal of LUMEN 3D is to bring any project to life by allowing our clients to immerse themselves into their design proposal before the first brick is even laid. LUMEN 3D believe in high quality visuals and immersive fly throughs, as this allows the clients to make informed design decisions on any major or minor changes. We are revising the feasibility of integrating virtual reality (VR) into our high quality services in the near future, to allow clients to immerse themselves even further in their project.

I worked on the branding of LUMEN 3D, which included the brand strategy, logo and website. The website's user interface was carefully designed with a human-centred design approach. The design is simplistic and has an ease of use and navigation. There are also minimal amounts of contrasting colours, with the vast majority of the site being black and white. This creates a smooth interface that is easy on the eyes, with a splash of colour that is themed into the LUMEN branding.

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